Waves of Acquaintances (2017, Video Art)

Video & Audio Installation by
Anastasia Erastova
Charlotte Oeken
Bernt Karsten Sannerud
Virpi Nieminen

Building Bridges 2017 New York
Assignment 1 – Diversity:
Create a participatory experience inspired by one of the neighbourhoods of NYC.
Find something you don’t understand.
Meet and listen to new people.
Find a palette of colors that express the place.
Discover a piece of music or explore a specific sound.

“A soundscape dream”
“Unexpected things are distantly familiar”
“Islands are dreams, waves are joy, sounds are friends”
“Feels like a vanished memory, even if you are still there”
“Between dream and fever-dream”
“Beach of memory and desire”

  • Vocals by Anastasia Erastova
  • Sound Design by Bernt Karsten Sannerud
  • Edited by Anastasia Erastova