The White Shirt project is based on the concept of creating a contemporary figure of a Russian woman as a motivational image for USSR army and people during Proletarian Revolution. The main idea is to show strength of a Russian Motherland character and how it leads the soviet citizens.

  • Film by Anastasia Erastova
  • Fashion & Styling by Vera Blinova
  • Starring Kate Alexandrovna
  • Screened at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Produced by Anastasia Erastova & Vera Blinova, Directed by Anastasia Erastova, Creative Direction/VFX/Tape Footage/Sound Design/Music by Geraldo Arias, Director of Photography/Colorist Andrey Medina, Camera Operators Andrey Medina, Geraldo Arias & Anastasia Erastova, Drone Operator Anastasia Erastova, 1st AC Thao Hoang, Edited by Geraldo Arias & Anastasia Erastova

Photography by Leo Urossov

Photography by Thao Hoang