The Memory Catcher project investigates what’s hidden underneath the stunning fashion campaigns. It reveals the dark truth about the negative impacts of textile manufacturing and mindless global overconsumption, which ultimately cause pollution and destroy our environment, as well as damage the well-being of millions of factory workers, who play a major role in the apparel industry.

The aim of the Sustainable Capsule Collection is to offer designs, which will reduce the need to consume. First, it begins with the process of collecting unwanted pairs of jeans from different people, in order to give them a new purpose. Many people tend to connect some events of their lives with what they wore that day, in this way each person has their unique memory associated with a certain pair of jeans which they own. By merging different people’s pairs of jeans, the collection becomes a Memory Catcher. The wearer will be able to develop a stronger and deeper connection with the garment, which will lead to a more profound emotional connection. Then the consumer will very unlikely replace it or throw it away, even if the collection is made from something simple as pairs of jeans. As the time goes by, the wearer will make their own personal memories and the collection will ‘store’ them.

  • Film by Anastasia Erastova
  • Fashion and Styling by Vera Blinova
  • Starring David Lee Astorga
  • Edited by Anastasia Erastova

Model Nile Shadow

Photography Denis Gubanov